"Interrogating GW": An American Studies Student Conference

Interrogating GW

"Interrogating GW: An American Studies Student Conference" will consist of American Studies majors presenting their original research on some aspects of George Washington University. The panels on November 21, the first section of the conference, will explore:

  1.  Women's Rights, Women's Lives
    • Olivia Dunn
    • Lauren Hutchison
    • Elizabeth Rickert
  2. War & the Military
    • Lily Kondrich
    • Jeslyn Zakes
  3. The Sixties
    • Lena Haime
    • Natalie Ioele
    • Savannah O'Sickey
    • Kyra Wilmes
  4. Sports & Recreation
    • Steven Barmakian
    • Breanna Riddick
    • Mira Warmflash
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