Leadership Lessons: Pathways to Progress - Lecture Series featuring Carl Cohn

Lecture 2: Leading a School Turnaround - Long Beach Unified Becomes An Award-Winning Urban School District

Leadership Lessons with Dr. Carl Cohn

In Lecture 2, Dr. Carl Cohn tells the story of a community that experienced riots, loss of major industries and gang warfare on a horrific scale, yet came together to support urban school children in bold ways. It captured the attention of the Secretary of Education, the Attorney General and the President of the United States in a single year. Partnering with higher education, strengthening research and evaluation, using philanthropy in creative ways all led to Carl Cohn winning the McGraw Prize and the district winning the Broad Prize for Excellence in Urban Education.

In his discussion of the Long Beach story, Carl Cohn makes the important point that the Long Beach way was always about putting the right kind of supports in place for at-risk students, not about a singular obsession with raising standardized test scores.

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