A Letter To My Body

Martina Maya-Callen

Staircase Gallery
Sept 21- Oct 17th 2022
Opening reception: Saturday, Oct 15, 1pm.
Open to Public Hours: Wed–Sat 1 – 5 p.m.

Martina Maya-Callen is an eating disorder warrior and this series was born from her navigating her relationship with her own body and working to hold space for others’ individualized journeys. In 2017, she wrote A Letter To My Body and now uses this practice to guide others through writing workshops that honor, celebrate, and heal the self. Unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated in society leave little room for body celebration. This artwork is designed to ignite connection with one’s body. The empowerment photography of women and nonbinary folx is varied, from boudoir to sculpture-making, representing the multidimensionality of beauty.