Patricia Matthew: "'What woman here?' Britain's Abolitionist Politics and Critical Race Theory"

Mobilities and Migrations: The Nineteenth Century and Beyond

Image of Patricia Matthew
Patricia Matthew

Join us on Friday, October 25, 12:30-2 pm, for a talk with Montclair State University's Patricia Matthew, titled: "'What woman here?': Britain’s Abolitionist Politics and Critical Race Theory."

Professor Matthew says: "Based on the introduction for my book-in-progress ‘And freedom to the slave:’ Sugar, Protest, and the History of the Novel, my talk wrestles with the foundational questions and anticipated resistance that come with claiming contemporary feminist practices are located, specifically and uniquely, in Britain’s abolitionist movement. Without ceding ground to reactionary presentist critiques, my talk works through questions Simon Gikandi raises in his essay “The Archive of Enslavement”—how to read the past, the authority required to read the archive, and the danger of analytical projections. I’m thinking through these questions with an analysis of how Black contemporary artists Amma Asante and Kara Walker reshape Britain’s abolitionist tropes."

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