Python Camp

WorkshopLearn Python and foundations of programming in this three-day, non-credit, interactive, mini-course. This opportunity is for beginners and does not require any programming experience. 

You’ll learn and practice the basics of programming such as: data types (strings, lists), loops, functions, working with numeric data, and plotting data. This mini-course introduces basic scientific computing and data plotting concepts through the use of the Python libraries NumPy and Matplotlib. We’ll use Jupyter notebooks for interactive computing, all in your browser - no software installation required.

The workshop uses as its curriculum “Get Data Off the Ground with Python,” an OpenEdX course by GW professor Lorena Barba. Instructors and helpers will work with you as we do the lessons together and you practice what you learn. Participants are expected to attend all three days of the workshop: September 6, September 13, and September 20. Those who meet the workshop requirements will receive a certificate of completion. 

Laptops are required; we can loan you one if needed. 

Registration is now closed. 

This workshop is part of the Programming and Coding series for those interested in enhancing their skills in web or software development, coding and scripting, and automating processes to retrieving or cleaning data. Other workshops in this Fall 2019 series are Building Your Project Website with GitHub PagesProgramming with Python: Python for Data AnalysisSoftware Carpentry: shell/git/PythonSoftware Carpentry: shell/git/RWalk on the R Side: R for Data AnalysisZotero In-Depth. If you need personalized assistance with a programming or coding project, consider booking a programming or software development consultation with a member of the Scholarly Technology Group. More information is available through Academic Commons.

Open to all GWorld cardholders

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