Queer Adolescents Dating, Relationships, and Sexual Health

The Role of School, Family and Community

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - GW/GSEHD

GSEHD Pride Month Event


Dr. Harvey Peters, Assistant Professor of Counseling and Human Development (he/him)
Darren Paul-Vance, Executive Director, Rainbow Families DC (he/him)
Esette Negussie, GW Master's Student in Counseling (she/they/he)
Leen Zorc, GW Master's Student in Counseling (they/them)
Katherine Hurley, GW Doctoral Student in Counseling (she/her)
M. Dillie, MA, NCC, Professional Counselor, Compassionate Counseling, LLC (they/them)

Join the Graduate School of Education and Human Development for a discussion about the role and impact of dating, relationships, and sexual health on queer adolescents. A panel of experts will explore how attachment, social scripts, school-family-community stakeholders, and socio-ecological factors--in addition to diverse identities and experiences--can influence young people.