Research Spotlight Webinar featuring Madeline Jalbert

Research Spotlight Madeline Jalbert

Madeline Jalbert's project "Misinformation in a Divided Democracy: An Analysis of the Prevalence and Influence of Lies, Rumors, and Unfounded Conspiracies in Kenya’s 2022 Election" takes a close look at the highly contested 2022 Kenyan election. Ms. Jalbert will discuss how online misinformation impacts election turnout and perceptions of electoral legitimacy in nascent democracies.

Madeline Jalbert is a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Information School at the University of Washington. She studies how context and subjective experiences influence memory, judgment, and decision-making. Her work primarily focuses on factors that impact judgments of truth and risk, as well as how these judgments play out in naturalistic contexts. The goal of this work is to shed light on effective strategies for preventing and correcting the spread of misinformation. Madeline comes from a background in social and cognitive psychology. She completed her Ph.D. in Social Psychology under the advisement of Dr. Norbert Schwarz. Before this, she worked in the Applied Cognition Research Lab of Dr. Ira Hyman.