Seen & Felt: An Evening with Octavia Yearwood

Intersectionality poster

Seen & Felt is an interactive workshop that navigates how art practices participate in intersectionality with freedom, time, and space as the focal point. Octavia will engage participants in various activities anchored in performance, the literary arts, and visual art as tools to embed the conversation in the body. Participants will engage in dialogue around the experiences thereafter as it relates to being black, and/or overall marginalized. The goal is to have participants think about how their practice can speak with multiple tongues.

Yearwood is an artist, programmatic curator and author. Yearwood creates and hosts programs for arts institutions, organizations and companies nationally. Over the last 15 years, aside from being an arts educator, Yearwood was the Director of 'FREE!' during Art Basel for Spinello Projects, named best author in Miami, and most interesting author by the Miami New Times in 2018.

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