A Black American Family Story, 1677-2020

February 13, 3-4:30 p.m., GW Museum and Textile Museum

MÉLISANDE SHORT-COLOMB is a rising third-year student at Georgetown College and a founding member of the GU272 Advocacy Team. She serves on the Georgetown Memory Project’s Board of Advisors and as Council Elder of the GU272 Descendants Association. Mélisande is a descendant of two families sold in 1838 by the Society of Jesus to keep Georgetown College afloat.

Under the direction of Derek Goldman, she will be writing, developing, and performing her one-person show Here I Am. The play interweaves Mélisande’s personal story of becoming a Georgetown student after discovering she was descended from slaves sold for the benefit of Georgetown, with archival excerpts that will bring in the voices of the slaves, the Jesuits, and others around the time of the sale.

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