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Because the number of University Calendar administrator accounts are limited, we ask that users who host fewer than one event per week use one of our Open Entry forms to submit their events.

GW student organizations are encouraged to submit their events to the University Calendar through the Student Organization Event Submission Form.

All other GW college and school staff members should consult with their communications office prior to submitting events, as they may already be submitted on their behalf. Faculty and staff members can submit their events through the General Event Submission Form.

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Submission Policy

Before You Submit

  1. Your event must be a GW-affiliated event per the GW Calendar Policy
  2. Confirm that all of your event information is current and accurate
  3. PROOFREAD your event content
  4. Review some of the existing events in the Calendar to familiarize yourself with the general style and format for events

Event Approvals

Using the event submission form does not guarantee that your event will be published to the GW calendar.  All submitted events must be reviewed, and approved or denied by the applicable department and/or category owner(s). When an event is submitted, the requestor will receive the following email notifications:

  • An email confirming the event submission
  • An email confirming or denying event approval by the applicable category owner(s)

Files and Images

  • Do not include images that may be offensive, inappropriate, or in violation of copyright laws or GW policies.
  • Images should be appropriate for the event being submitted.
    • Ex: portraits of speakers, photos of venues, or high quality promotional graphics
  • Image size should be 220px (width) x 220px (height), and no larger than 100 kilobytes (KB).
  • Uploaded documents should be no larger than 1MB
  • Acceptable image and document file types include: .pdf, .doc, .xls, .jpg, .gif, and .png
  • You can request to have an image created for your event through GW's Marketing and Creative Services department

Featured Events

“Featured Events” are featured on the Calendar landing page hero rotator. Designation as a Featured Event is at the discretion of External Relations. Bear in mind that Featured Events may be updated frequently, and we cannot guarantee how long your event will be featured on the Calendar home page.

Withdrawing Events

You may withdraw your event request from consideration at any time. You must have a copy of your original confirmation email in order to perform the automated withdraw option. Click the link included in your confirmation email and you will be asked to confirm that you want to withdraw the event. Click "Yes" to confirm the withdraw/delete action or "No" to exit out of the withdraw option.


The calendar has been designed to quickly reflect changes, corrections, and updates on events. Despite our best efforts, some information may be incorrect, or we may not have information on an event you want to attend. We regret any inconvenience caused as a result.

Additional Help or Information

If you have further questions regarding your submitted event or need further assistance submitting events to the GW Calendar, please submit feedback.

Submission Best Practices


example image of a good calendar event

This NEXT Thesis Exhibition event showcases many calendar submission best practices.

Posting an event online will help draw people to your event. Make sure that you make the most of this opportunity. Below are a few best practices for submitting your event.


When writing your title, make sure it can stand alone and people will get an understanding of what the event is, if only the title is displayed.  Some versions of the calendar will display only the title without the description.

Good example:

CGIU “Commitment to Action” Writing Workshop

By labeling it CGIU and putting Commitment to Action in quotation marks, it's more clear that Commitment to Action is a specific item for CGIU.  Saying it's a writing workshop shows that it's about writing the commitment to action, rather than brainstorming or completing the action.

Poor examples:

"Commitment to Action Workshop"

No context about what Commitment to Action is or what specifically the workshop is about.

"Learn to write your CGIU Commitment to Action"

This is rather informal, and would work better used as the description.


Put the most important information near the top, and concentrate on why people will want to come to your event. Most people will skim only the first few sentences.

Make sure you paste plain text, and formatting doesn’t accidentally get carried over.  To avoid this, paste your content into a text editor such as Note Pad or Text Edit to remove formatting and then paste it into the calendar description.

Don’t use special formatting (font size, color, etc.) other than bolds and italics.  Only bold words that are very important for people to see if they are skimming.  Avoid using underlines, as site visitors will mistake underlined text for links.


  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short and easy to scan
  • Double check your spelling
  • Provide links to relevant content, linking words that accurately describe the linked page
  • Configure all links to external sites to open in a new window
  • Spell out acronyms that may be unfamiliar to most audiences
  • Indicate if RSVP is required


  • Underline important words, instead use bold or italics
  • Say “Click here,” instead link descriptive words
    • Example: “Click here to learn more about the Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service” rewrite to say “Learn more about the Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service.”
  • Paste raw URLs, instead link descriptive words


If you are adding an image to your event, make sure you have all of the rights and permissions to use the image.  Images pulled from Google images or from news sources should not be used unless you have explicit written permission.

All images should be 220 pixels wide by 220 pixels tall.