Symposium: Social Machines for Transdisciplinary Science

Symposium: Social Machines for Transdisciplinary Science

A major challenge of the digital information age is how to tap into large volumes of online information and the collective intelligence of diverse groups to generate new knowledge, solve difficult problems, and drive innovation. Transdisciplinary Social Machines enable new forms of interactions between humans, machines, and online content that have the potential to (a) improve outcomes of sensemaking activities that involve large collections of online documents and diverse groups and (b) make machines more capable of assisting humans in their sensemaking efforts. HyLighter is a working example of Social Machines for combining pieces of information from multiple online sources to create something of value.

Presenter: David Lebow is the CEO of HyLighter LLC. David received his Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Design from Florida State University in 1995 and has won several national awards for his work in the area of computer-enhanced collaborative learning environments.

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