Technology Capabilities and Sectoral Catch-Up: What explains success, failures, and challenges?

Science Technology Capabilities Sectoral Catch-Up

The workshop explores why technology upgrading is a complex and historically contingent process where outcomes are dependent on a variety of mutually interrelated factors whose consequences are far from certain. Strategic intent may not suffice unless there is a required level of technological capabilities complemented by the robust mechanism for rapid technological transfer. How can we explain failures in the cases of with strong market and institutional ‘windows of opportunity’? In other cases, technological capability and even forging ahead may emerge as a bottom-up strategic response to changing ‘windows of opportunity’ which employ a variety of technology acquisition mechanisms. How do we explain unexpected success stories of technology upgrading in emerging economies? Furthermore, technology accumulation strategies fit for ‘catching up’ stages may not suffice for post-catching stages which require a new level and quality of capabilities which go beyond technology capabilities. What are lessons from the cases of post-catchup failures?