Trachtenberg Research Seminar

Please join us for the first Trachtenberg Research Seminar of the academic year. On Wednesday, September 15, 11:30-12:30, Dr. Domonic Bearfield will present on the topic of objectivity and public sector hiring. 


Dr. Bearfield writes, “The idea of objective hiring based on the merit of candidates is foundational to the field of public administration and the practice of local governance. However, historical and contemporary legal challenges assert that testing may not lead to the most deserving candidates, and/or ensure government employment that is representative of the communities being served. This talk aims to examine how the myth of bureaucratic neutrality can institutionalize inequality within the field. Knowing the history of the field is a crucial way to push back on rationalized myths that can reinforce inequality.”


Also, On Wednesday, September 29 Dr. Rajade Berry James will present to us 11:30-12:30. Stay tuned for further information.