The Undeniable Power of Music to Heal

Part of the University Seminar Series

The Undeniable Power of Music to Heal flyer

Join William Wilson Corcoran Visiting Professor Molly Jane Udaya Sturges for an in-depth look into the crossroads of music, healing, community making and spirituality. For over 25 years Molly has been working as a social practice composer, artistic director, and healing arts practitioner with individuals and communities around the globe. During this time she has been changed, stripped-down, created anew and rendered silent in wonder by the power of music and the participatory arts to heal. From hospices, nursing homes, treatment centers, schools, border town communities, in collaboration with scientists, and everything else in-between, Molly will share insights from the frontlines. As a person who has faced critical and life-threatening illnesses, she will also reflect upon this work from many different interwoven perspectives.

Presented in collaboration with professors from the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Corcoran School of Arts and Design and The School of Nursing

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