What Makes Ukraine Resilient in the Asymmetric War?

A Study of Local Governments' Emergency Responses

Ukrainian flags

Ukraine has demonstrated strong resilience in the face of the full-scale Russian invasion since February 24, 2022. Local authorities in particular continue to provide public services and respond to crises arising from massive internal displacement and Russian attacks on critical civilian infrastructure and housing. This study illuminates how local authorities ensure the effectiveness and legitimacy of their emergency responses using elements of collaborative governance. The findings challenge conventional security thinking confined to military terms. Instead, they highlight the importance of a collaborative approach to managing complex crises. New thinking about national security should include network-based instead of hierarchy-based approaches and partnership-oriented instead of client-service-oriented philosophy in citizen-state relations. The study is based on an original survey of 241 local authorities, interviews and focus groups with public officials at the local and regional levels, and is co-authored with Oksana Huss (Bologna University).

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