Why My Science Is Important

A Department of Chemistry Special Seminar Presented by Graduate Students and Darcy Gentleman, PhD

test tubes in lab

"Why would I look to a chemist to help the environment when they’re known for waste? Why haven’t we cured cancer yet? Why are chemists working on electronics – isn’t that a physics or engineering thing?"

Come learn answers to these questions and more while providing a learning and professional development experience for chemistry graduate students. Speakers from CHEM6390 “Science Communications in Practice” will be presenting either live talks or videos intended for public audiences.

We especially welcome non-scientist audience members that you might know, so that the speakers get both questions and feedback from their target audience as part of the overall learning experience.

Introductions and Master of Ceremonies: Darcy J. Gentleman
Darcy J. Gentleman, PhD, is an Adjunct Professor at The George Washington University and teaches CHEM6390. He has over 15 years of experience in science communications including presentations coaching, writing/editing/hosting YouTube science videos, and running congressional policy briefings. Darcy worked at the American Chemical Society 2008-2018. Darcy Gentleman earned his MS and PhD in Analytical Chemistry at Arizona State University, 2003, and his BSc in Planetary Science at the University of Toronto, 1999.

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