Workshop (In-Person): Marketing for Startups and Businesses

This interactive in-person workshop will cover the basics behind understanding your customer, value proposition, and advertising channels.

Workshop (In-Person): Marketing for Startups and Businesses

About this event

The GW Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship presents "Marketing for Startups, Business, and Side Hustles". This in-person session will cover the basics behind understanding your customer / audience, value proposition, and advertising channels. Tools gained at this workshop will benefit those that have a well thought out product or service and have spent some time thinking about the customer. We encourage participation from teams and individuals that have identified a clear problem/opportunity and have a specific product or service solution. This workshop is perfect for those with an already existing idea, business, or startup. At the end of this interactive in-person learning experience you will have a document that will guide your marketing plan, identify gaps, and flush out your customers.

About the Facilitator

Scott Stein is the Associate Director for Student Entrepreneurship at GW. Through his career working with companies, non-profits, and government Scott has over 15 years worth of experience developing services and products in direct mail marketing, food industry, and government.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the connection between customer / audience, value proposition, and advertising channels.
  • What to communicate to your audience / customers via your advertising channels

Limited Availability

This in-person workshop is limited to 30 participants. A wait list will start after 30 first people have registered.

If interested in attending this event, please register for only 1 ticket type. If there are multiple ticket types that apply to you, please only select a your primary designation (i.e. I am both a GW student & staff member, but GW staff is my primary designation.)

How to Get to the GW I+E Lab

The GW I+E Lab is located in Heyday Workplace on the 7th floor at the 2000 Penn building. Upon arrival to the 2000 Penn building, guests need to locate the main office lobby in the central area of the 1st floor. Guests will know they are in the right location once they see the security guard desk and a bank of elevators. Please notify the security guard that you are going to an event on the 7th floor in the Heyday Workplace, and they will let you up the elevators.

Please note that this is an in-person event. Event participants may be required to wear masks or other PPEs depending on event space protocols.

IMPORTANT: All GW students, staff, and faculty must bring and present their GWorld card. You will not be let into the event without proof of your GW affiliation via your GWorld card.

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