What's our Work Lecture Series

All are invited to the SEH WoWTALK (What's our Work) Seminar Series. These short talks (15 minutes each) are designed to introduce faculty and students to current and exciting research projects undertaken in labs in the SEH, to initiate discussion, collaborate, share expertise, and to promote research performed in the SEH and at GW. This installment will feature faculty members from the School of Engineering & Applied Science, the Milken Institute of Public Health and the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences Department of Biological Sciences.


Sandy Kawano, Biology
Integrates physics and engineering with anatomy to study the performance of biological systems in response to the physical demands placed by the environment.

Nirbhay Kumar, Global Health
"Did you know malaria causes 1 death per minute (Eradication to Elimination to Eradication again) (Really??)"

Murray Loew, Biomedical Engineering
The Laboratory for Medical Imaging and Image Analysis develops new methods for acquiring—and extracting useful information from—medical images.

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