You Voted. What Now?

Leveraging Academic Knowledge & Skills in Community Engagement

GW Votes logo with text that reads You Voted What Now and Hand dropping ballot in ballot box

While many faculty encourage students to gain “real world experience” to prepare them for their professional careers, academic skills like critical thinking, creative expression, effective writing, problem solving, and doing research, are imperative for being an effective, active citizen in a diverse democracy. Let’s talk about how your engagement with the community can leverage your knowledge and skills to increase the value you contribute and your ability to be a change agent. Presented by Dr. Wendy Wagner and Dr. Rachel Talbert, this session will focus on Community-Engaged Scholarship. Register here.


You Voted, What Now? is a series of sessions centered on actions the GW community can take post-election. Voting is only one form of civic engagement and these sessions will provide guidance and resources on how to get involved in the six pathways of public service and engagement.